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Welcome Chaparrals! School starts promptly at 7:35am and ends at 3:10pm.
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Joeann Bon-Jorno

First Grade Teacher

Navarro Elementary
[email protected]



 Your child's lunch is

If you would like to come eat with your child you will need to bring your driver's license and check in as a visitor in the front office.  

First Grade Sight Words

Your child needs to be able to quickly recognize and read ALL of the following first grade sight words by the end of the school year.

I recommend using flashcards and working on about five to ten words at a time. 
play, into, dad, got, are, here, for, your, said, come, day, she, you, will, his, went, where, want, all, looking, down, this, her, some, they, saw, was, over, have, do, pick, off, out, help, then, that, pull, them, both, what, which, sit, when, much, make, take, made, ride, ate, there, too, people, think, away, want, just, must, put, well, many, day, way, say, tree, stop, hot, some, hold, would, could, boy, girl, from, be, live, give, use, little, other, now, long, kind, were, good, very, pretty, only, every, fly, by, any, who, thank, new, ask, our, their, old, open, know, about, once, or, round, bring, before, color, her, after, over, under, order, such, done, few, gave, these, work, please, again, call, going, eat, book, soon, been, walk